Ready, Set, GO!

Evacuation Guide now available.

Deschutes County Quick Evacuation Guide

Deschutes County Evacuation Guide (FULL)

Central Oregon is no stranger to wildland fire.   In the last thirty years, Deschutes County Sheriffs have directed 23 evacuations.  With large fires occurring nearly every year, evacuations have become commonplace.   Question:  Is information about evacuation as commonplace as fires?

Based on a commitment to public safety, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, the Central Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (COFCA) and Project Wildfire decided to approach this challenge head on, before tragedy strikes here in central Oregon. Across the nation, people are dying and fire fighters' lives are being lost during evacuations. A guide for evacuations in Deschutes County has been developed for residents and emergency responders  - READY, SET, GO!

Approved by all stakeholders including firefighting agencies and law enforcement, the guide emphasizes two important factors to a successful evacuation - PREPARATION and LEAVING EARLY.

Please download the Evacuation Guide linked above and spend a moment reading the important information.  It can save your life.

You can also get copies of the Evacaution Guide at your local fire department or law enforcement agency.